Mill Arm Care

This program is designed to give athletes an outlined plan of correctives, lifting, arm care routines, and throwing. We run each athlete through a movement screening to assess a baseline and establish goals for the following months. The correctives are for athletes to do pre-throw or pre-lift depending on their schedule. Correctives are stretches, mobility, and soft tissue work designed to help the athlete gain movement and help reach their goals in terms of throwing. From correctives to the plyo phase we write out the phases of plyos in terms of a progression. From abbreviated positions to specifics patterns that each athlete needs to improve on. The lifting portion of each athlete's program is designed around their needs - as the months progress the lifts are progressive based as each athlete gets stronger and moves better within the weight room.

The program costs $150 per month and the sign-ups are through our in-house software eSoft. We ask that each athlete schedules an assessment once they have completed the enrollment through our software.


Will Perkowski
Penn State '27

The MAC program at the sports mill helped me through the winter and spring, I was able to gain weight putting on 10lbs. I gained strength and flexibility as well which helped reduce the chance of injury when pitching. I really enjoyed having access to a program designed to keep me healthy throughout the season. I liked how each month the program would change based on your needs after evaluations with Brian and Preston. This helped me grow as there were a variety of strength movements mixed in month to month. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone looking to gain strength, flexibility/mobility and weight as these all are factors in gaining velocity on the mound.

Garrett Hammer
Bridgton Academy '24

The MAC Throwing program helped a lot with not only custom lifts and mechanics but activating muscles that helped with putting on velo. The first thing you do is get run through testing to see where you need more flexibility and where you need more strength . From there Brian and Preston create your lift and throwing program based on the data they receive from the testing, fully custom to you. Before I started this program, I was sitting 83-85. Just after 8 months, I am now sitting 86-88 topping 89. I highly recommend this program to those who are having trouble with velo or having trouble repeating their mechanics. Also, anyone looking for lifts that are custom to what you need to be a better athlete, this is the program for you.

Mike Crowley
Assumption University '27

The Mac program did a great job of getting me prepared to play college baseball. I Got way more explosive and mobile while getting stronger. It’s a great in season and out of season program to do. I was able to improve my velocity before the high school season from 80-82 to sitting 85 to 87 in just three months.

Brayden Hickman
Souhegan High School '25

The Mill Arm Care program was a really helpful thing my parents and I invested in. Before joining the program, I was struggling with throwing off-speed and was unable to break 80mph. After just one year following the program, I had a breakout season on the mound and my velocity went up by almost 6 mph. The staff working with me during arm care were also really invested with the players and their performance and they constantly checked in on me during my high-school season. I don’t think I would have been this successful if I didn’t make the choice of following the Mill Arm Care program.